Alec Danger

graphic design by Ana Jaumandreu Poncela
graphic design by Ana Jaumandreu Poncela

Listening to Alec Danger is dangerous. His music is straight from the future – or at least how we imagined it in 1984. A ride on the retro-wave in an ocean of prog-rock, 80’s pop and electro that challenges your mind, leading you to places you didn’t know existed.

– May Contain Traces of Mental Violence zinealbum (December 2017)
– Tom & Lucifer EP (December 2016)
– Hanging on a Dream single (July 2016)
– Empty Town (May 2013)

Alec – vocals
Mikko – synthezisers
Alex – guitar, voice
Daniel – low frequencies, voice
Ville-Pekka – kicks, banging and cymbals
Felipe – visuals